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Elimbah Team



Hi there, I'm Terri-ann


I am the Centre Manager at Kids Capers Elimbah.


I have been in the Early Education sector since 1994 and I have worked in a variety of roles from Lead Educator to Manager. I hold a Diploma in Children's Services and throughout my career I have had the opportunity to gain skills in all ages as well as be exposed to a number of different areas and role within the industry. For me, it is all about the children.


Through communication with families and ensuring parents are a key part of the learning process, we are able to provide the highest quality in care and early learning. The team I am fortunate to work with shares this view and it's through their dedication and commitment to your children that this is possible.





Hi my name is Danni Katthagen,


I am thrilled to be the Assistant Centre Manager of Elimbah Kids Capers.. I have worked in the childcare industry since 1995, starting as an assistant, I had the privilege of becoming a Kids Capers employee 4 years ago and in that time i have achieved my Diploma in Children's services and worked as the Educational leader supporting the staff and helping them know and understand the curriculum and documentation that we offer here at Kids Capers.


 I have experience as Head Educator in all age groups from babies to school age children. I have gained so much knowledge and enjoyed building relationships with our educators guiding  them to grow and support their learning as well as the bonds I have formed with the children in our care. We are passionate about the Early Years Learning Framework and providing a play based program for the children at our centre.


I have the opportunity this year to grow within the company and learn more about the managing side. This role for me will be exciting, and I truly look forward to building solid relationships with the children, families and educators.

I look forward to meeting you all and becoming a part of our Elimbah family.



Facilities & Programs

Our 6 room centre is located in the peaceful rural community of Elimbah just north of Caboolture, next to the Elimbah State Primary School where we offer care and education for families and their children from 6 weeks to 12 years.


Our centre has oversized playgrounds which include a natural play-scape and a vegetable gardens. The indoor and outdoor environments provide a rich and diverse range of experiences that stimulate, engage and enhance children’s development and learning.


We offer two Government Approved Kindergarten Programs and employ two qualified Early Childhood Teachers that follow the Queensland Kindergarden Learning Guidelines (QKLG). Our first program is can be accessed via our long day care hours (6.15am – 6.15pm) Whilst the second program is open for sessional hours in school terms (8.30am – 3.00pm).


Our purpose built second Kindergarten room also caters for outside of school hours care and vacation care programs. This environment is flexible and provides age appropriate activities for school aged children in a safe and secure environment.


We believe that our role is to work in partnership with you to provide your child with the best opportunities. We invite and encourage you when practical, to spend time in our centre taking part in the various activities or sharing some of your family’s culture.


All our Educators create an exciting daily program designed to develop a love of learning and prepare your child to start school. These programs are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


If you would like to visit us at Kids Capers Elimbah, please feel free to call us or drop in as we would love to show you around and introduce you to our team of passionate Educators.


Centre Philosophy

At Kids Capers Childcare,  Child Development Centre and Preschool we aim to provide a warm, friendly, caring environment in which children are given the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually through interactions with staff, peers and the environment. We recognise children are capable and resourceful learners who are active contributors to their own learning and that families are the principle influence in their children’s lives and therefore strive to develop close links with the home so that we can support and complement each other.


Elimbah is a rural/residential area situated at the base of the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains and we are fortunate to be part of this community where we can participate and be involved with.


The centre is child focused and our educational programs reflect the needs of the children and their cultural diversity.  We understand the important role of nurturing children through the early childhood years so they grow and step forth into the wider community. We provide the children with a warm, predictable, friendly and inviting atmosphere where they can feel secure and happy in their environment. We acknowledge the holistic nature of children’s learning and the significance of children’s cultural and linguistic identities. Our programs are inclusive of children with special needs and are provided for. Programs and plans reflect the individual child’s needs, and where appropriate resource workers are utilised.


We acknowledge that children are active learners and recognise that every child is unique, bringing with them a unique set of skills and personality to the centre and the environment. We recognise that children’s learning is individual. Throughout the day children are exposed to a range of experiences that encourage a sense of belonging and agency to each child.


We respect the children’s right to play, as we understand that children learn through trial and error and constructive knowledge. We recognise that children learn through following their instincts and a need to understand. We understand that children learn through experimentation and manipulation of people, materials and experiences within their environment.  The environment caters for the needs of all children, and encourages the healthy development of physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills.


We create a learning environment, which encourages children to interact, take on roles and develop relationships with others through play. We strive to empower children, by using their thoughts and ideas to develop their programs. We understand that children are very active throughout the day and understand the importance for mealtime, rest and relaxation. We ensure and maintain a well supervised Centre where the children can feel safe and secure. Our early childhood personnel encourage and foster open and positive relationships with all children.


We believe that all children, no matter their sex, colour, ability or cultural background should be encouraged to explore the full range of their abilities and potential.  Every individual is a part of a cultural group with uniqueness and gifts to share with others. We encourage children to value and respect each other’s differences while promoting the development of a positive self-esteem.

We acknowledge and support the personal strengths, professional experience and diversity which the early childhood educators bring to their work.  In-service training is a continual process and all staff are required to participate in regular training sessions. These may take the form of Managers meetings, and whole staff meetings or inter centre meetings or seminars.  These meetings allow us to continually reflect on and improve our practices. The centre regularly observes, documents, and evaluates all practices, to continually update and improve the quality of service and standard of care we provide.


We respect the rights and opinions of parents and the community and encourage parent participation and a broad interest in the community. We provide programs that promote inclusion from all facets of the community. We assist each family to develop a sense of belonging and inclusion in the centre. We maintain confidentiality and respect the right of privacy for all families in our care. We always listen to and learn from families, in order to acknowledge and build upon their strengths, and support them in their role of nurturing their children. We believe that family involvement is integral to a high quality program.


We encourage children to be respectful, sensitive and thoughtful towards their natural environment. We aim to include and encourage an awareness of the environment, our surroundings and sustainable practices within the centre and our homes. We feel that the outdoor environment and the use of natural resources is of great importance to children’s learning, development and overall understanding of the world around them.


Our programs are guided by “The Early Years Learning Framework”. The framework was designed to allow children the opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. The Early Years Learning Framework has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development. We use both the indoor and outdoor environment to encourage the children’s abilities to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine, make choices and problem solve.  Our program allows children to guide their learning through their interests and play. Through this form of programming we incorporate a mix of spontaneous experiences, child initiated and intentional teaching moments


At Kids Capers Childcare, Child Development Centre and Preschool we pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our staff and the warm and secure environment we provide for your child each and every day.  It is our desire that you and your child experience the happiness and enjoyment we endeavour to foster throughout the year.


Updated January 2016



Opening Hours

6:15am to 6:15pm Monday to Friday


For more information on fees and availability please contact us directly or visit the My Child website