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83 Oates Parade,

Northgate QLD 4013




Northgate Team

Hi my name is Hayley,

I joined the Kids Capers Clayfield team in 2009 at our Clayfield Centre. Over the years I worked as an Educator, Educator in Charge, Centre Leader and now a Centre Manager. I have completed my Certificate III and Diploma in Children's Services in this time. 


I believe family is important. I have a large extended family, which is something I hold close to my heart. I enjoy my job and love creating  welcoming and caring environments that are filled with laughter and fun.


As an Educator, I believe that each child is different and it’s my job to provide them with the tools they need to feel comfortable to grow into their own selves.


I look forward to seeing you around the centre.  



Hi my name is Janessa Travia, (Currently on Maternity Leave) 


I have been working with Kids Capers since 2009. Starting at our Clayfield centre and then transfering to the Northgate centre in December 2016. I have taken on the role of Centre Manager, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader here at Northgate. I hold a Diploma of Children's Services and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education through ACU.


I am very passionate about the early years and believe that the first 5 years are an important part of a child's life and I am honoured to be a part of it. I believe that every child's time in care should be joyous, filled with hands on learning, that stems from their own interests.


I love to be more hands on across the centre, working in the rooms, supporting the Educators whilst guiding them to create the best outcomes for your children.


My goal is to guide all Educators through their day, ensuring they uphold our play based learning philosophy, make learning more evident and keep it consistent across the centre. I look forward to joining you and your child/ren as they journey through our centre.


 Facilities & Programs

Completed in early 2016, Kids Capers Childcare Northgate incorporates state of the art design with engaging green spaces.  We have used the best of modern technology alongside solar energy, rain harvesting, recycling practices and natural playscapes to create a unique environment for children and their families. All of the rooms open out to spacious verandas and adaptable natural play spaces. 


We encourage children to respect their environment by first appreciating all that it has to offer. We support children to safely explore our environments that contains logs, rocks, sand, dirt, grass and gardens. We have 4 playgrounds all offering a different experience that children can freely explore. We view all children as capable and resourceful learners, our environments and curriculums supporting their emerging autonomy.


The centre includes 6 rooms and provides long day care for children from 6 weeks to school age. We also run a Government Approved Kindergarten Program with a qualified Kindergarten Teacher. Our centre is managed by a team of passionate and highly qualified Educators who either hold a Diploma of Early Childhood or are working towards. Our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Our Centre Philosophy.


We look forward to meeting you and your family to become a part of the Kids Capers Northgate community.


Centre Philosophy

Kids Capers Northgate is a community that opens its doors to all families and their children. We offer a safe and inclusive environment that is supporting of children’s and family’s needs.


We view all children in the early years as capable and resourceful learners, our programs support their emerging autonomy. We view each child as an individual on their own unique learning journey to be in the moment, belong to a community and become themselves. We encourage children to build positive relationships with others and support peer-to-peer scaffolding.


Our Philosophy and Values are: 

  • Care deeply for each child’s health, wellbeing and journey of self-discovery.
  • Appreciate each child’s unique personality and individual needs.
  • Provide a safe, engaging and inclusive environment.
  • Encourage each child’s innate sense of curiosity - to observe, experiment and explore.
  • Recognise, respect and value each other, our families, and their children in our care.
  • Support each child to be in the moment, to belong to a community and to become themselves.


Care – Appreciate – Provide – Encourage – Recognise – Support


Our philosophy was established in collaboration with Families, Educators and Management.


Updated April 2018



Opening Hours

6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday